Sustainability Overview

As the world’s leading provider of online travel and related services, we believe we have a responsibility to play a key role in making sure there is always a world worth experiencing. By staying committed to our values, providing excellent services to our customers, and partnering for positive change, we believe we can help our employees and communities, the travel industry, and our planet thrive.

A core component of our company mission — making it easier for everyone to experience the world — is ensuring there is always a world worth experiencing. We do this by engaging responsibly with the world around us, running our own operations sustainably, and shaping the way travelers experience the world for the better. We believe sustainable travel is of unquestionable and urgent importance, and we aim to advance a more sustainable travel industry together with our partners and peers. We’re excited to share with you our progress on this front, from how we create shared and sustainable value, to our climate strategy and sustainable travel innovations, to how we create a workplace defined by belonging and inclusion.

Recent Reports

2022 Sustainability Report

Download our 2022 Annual Sustainability Report

Climate Action Plan

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Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel can empower marginalized communities, broaden horizons, preserve cultural heritage, rejuvenate our travel ecosystem and, ultimately, make certain the planet, its people, communities, habitats and wildlife are able to thrive today and into the future. Through product innovation, travel provider partner support and industry collaboration, Booking Holdings and our brands have committed to making sustainable travel easier for millions of customers worldwide.


Sustainable Operations

Running our own operations sustainably is a fundamental pillar of our sustainability strategy. We set high expectations for our travel provider partners and operate our own company according to the same criteria. Booking Holdings also operates sustainably and responsibly by collaborating and leveraging our experiences within our communities. Using our global reach, we are able to participate in hundreds of local initiatives and enhance positive impact for our communities at scale.

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Taking Care of Our People

Our employees drive our success and are fundamental in delivering on our mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world. We strive to create an empowering and inclusive work environment through our continued focus on employee engagement, well-being, diversity and inclusion, talent management, and rewarding and recognizing that talent.

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Business Excellence

Our strong corporate governance and ethical decision-making help us find the right solutions the right way — for each other, our communities and the world around us. We embed compliance and ethics in everything we do to allow us to achieve our mission: making it easier for everyone to experience the world.

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