Compliance & Ethics

The Right Results, The Right Way.

Booking Holdings’ story has been defined by the Company’s outstanding growth, execution, financial discipline, and innovation. We strive to have a Compliance & Ethics function that is as worthy, high-performing, and efficient as the highly talented professionals and companies that have built this great story.

Our Compliance & Ethics function strives to achieve lasting value for the Company and its stakeholders by fostering an organizational culture built on a collective commitment to our value of Absolute Integrity and providing robust processes and systems to prevent, detect, and respond to violations of law and other misconduct.

Our Code of Conduct embodies our collective commitment to our value of Absolute Integrity, which is the bond that unites us and is woven into everything we do. All directors, officers, and employees of the Company, wherever they are located, are expected to adhere to the Code and espouse the principles and values it embodies at all times.

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We expect our Suppliers to share our commitment to our value of Absolute Integrity and adhere to the highest ethical standards, all applicable laws, and the requirements established in our Supplier Code of Conduct when doing business with us.

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We are committed to respecting and promoting human rights wherever we do business. Our Human Rights Statement articulates our approach to respecting and promoting human rights so that travel can bring out the best in humanity.

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We recognize that Modern Slavery in all its forms, including slavery, human trafficking, forced labor, debt bondage, descent-based slavery, servitude, child slavery, and forced and early marriage, is a global issue and an increasing problem. We have a zero-tolerance approach to Modern Slavery within our own Company, as well as our supply chain, contractors, and our partners and affiliates. Our Modern Slavery Statement sets out the actions taken by the Company to prevent Modern Slavery.

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